Reasonably priced, last minute polish. Get your fix!

Costs 90% Less. Sounds 100% Better.

Pacific Optimedia can give your mix the makeover you need at a price you'll love.

We don't claim to be a million-dollar mastering house. But we can do a really good job for considerably less money. Bring in your rough mixes and let us breathe fresh air into them. From gentle compression to radio-style loudness, we can help perfect your final sound for duplication. A few tips before getting started:

  • Most mastering jobs are completed within 24-48 hours.
  • We can master single tracks, entire albums, and compilations.
  • High resolution source files always sound better than MP3 or AAC.
  • A quiet, dynamic mix will master far better than a loud, clipped one. Let us make it loud and punchy. We can't bring a source back to life if it's compressed to death during mixdown.

Quick Fix mastering focuses on correcting EQ and compression imbalances while maintaining good dynamics and excellent loudness. A good stereo source mix won't need much more than a quick fix to get it standing up tall.

Full Master performs the same critical frequency correcting and balancing as Quick Fix but adds deeper analysis against a sonic database of mastered tracks, additional EQ and compression stages, as well as noise removal and surgical EQ for problem tracks that can't be mixed again.

Tracks Quick Fix Full Master Rush
1-4 $25 $45 $25
5-8 $20 $40 $50
9-12 $15 $30 $75
13-16 $12 $24 $100
16-20 $10 $20 $125
20+ CALL CALL CALL | (510) 635-3368